Get-Rich-Slow Schemes

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Inspired by the Drive-Thru Commentaries that I’ve done for CBC Radio.   I would really like to do “Drive-Thru Commentaries” as a series of  site-specific interactive art installations across North America (and beyond).    People would be able to drive their vehicles up to the “Drive-Thru Commentary” kiosk and either deliver their own ‘Drive-Thru Commentary” or order one from the menu.   Or they could do both.

The world’s hottest “Seinfeld” Tribute Band

The world’s hottest “Family Guy” tribute band

An XTC/Partridge Family mashup tribute band

A Senior Citizens’ Tribute to the Music of Weezer

Virginia Werewoolf, England’s Most Literary Lycanthrope

“Brraaiinnsstorming,” The World’s First Zombie Course Taught by an Actual Zombie

Haggis Head, “Scotland’s Funniest Zombie Prop Comedian”

(Angus MacAbre’s Archnemesis)

Horst Horseman, One Horseman of the Apocalypse

(formerly of “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”)


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