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KUT airs “Audio Mavericks” on “O’Dark 30”

KUT (Austin Public Radio) recently aired “New Audio Showroom” Episode #3, “Audio Mavericks,”  on their cool late-night show, “O’Dark 30” and podcast.

Here’s what KUT had to say about “Audio Mavericks” —

We’ll start things off with part two of New Audio Showroom’s “Audio Mavericks” episode. This is a little something we just discovered, even though it came and went about six years ago. Good radio knows no expiration date, though, so we’re delighted to bring it to you now, today, in the year 2011. “Audio Mavericks” brings you the story of the theremin, the only  musical instrument that you play without touching it. We’re not sure why, but the theremin seems to be enjoying some sort of public radio renaissance right now; this is the third theremin piece we’ve featured in the past couple of months, which surely makes it the most ubiquitous obscure musical instrument we know about. You’ll also hear a great interview with keyboardist Steve Nieve, who’s best known for his work with Elvis Costello.

Part One of “Audio Mavericks” as heard on “O’Dark 30” podcast

Part Two of “Audio Mavericks” as heard on “O’Dark 30” podcast

Thank you very much for your kind words and support, KUT and “O’Dark 30”!


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